eli who dies

by Slum Ass Young

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written during the summer of 2014, except the last song- written at school

the third installment completing the trio, listen from the start if you can
rind core moves eli who dies


released May 30, 2015

all songs written, recorded, and mixed by me.
except for the hidden part on track 7, for which TrapL plays bass.

mastering by J -thank you.

thank you also to Dan Lynch.



all rights reserved


Slum Ass Young D.C.

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Track Name: lull
i'm not going to bed, i'm happy
wake with aching head and forget my setting
tastes like rust in my eyes, swolln stomach
i'll make days out of my last marrow
Track Name: intruder
in the basement i hear it intrude, i try to close
the door so thin, my aching eyes
dream tension without memory,
i want to sleep in dull, ache-less massage
until i figure out what bares its teeth
and keep my peace with it out of mind
Track Name: gums
that's all there is to eat away
shut swollen in between the walls
the jaw it throbs like a heart

sit back and lay my head aloft
these lines just melt away
and throb the skull that floats from the neck

and drain and drag my way on track,
die hired man, amid a walk
i smell sweet flowers
Track Name: water
water in my ear
slipping into my use
i sweat up useless year

how bout we have a glass of water?
in my ear
Track Name: cry
i try being more than he who dies out of time that mourns itself
that wants to unfold my head like a kite, and im cold in trail-blazed skin
map maker takes his time and gazes at the stain he cries
Track Name: window
in my room, from the window there's a sound
of water on the concrete

breathed out fat and is naked in the blue and darkening
the garden air thinning to space, the child faces
an ending to embrace of the weight

and as he stands there wilting i recall
and i think there air gets in my home
Track Name: trip
had to remember i hate moving around
my cold would have to wait
some doctoring down in the freezer, waiting for its bun*
i can't believe i woke up so well

and that my friend invited me to a show
leave house dark for days,
i scramble my shit to the pickup
and pray that it'll hold
and who could even notice i'm gone anyhow

*this song used to be called "veggie burger", and i said "the doctor is down in the freezer" but i thought that was kinda gruesome, and the metaphor is really more of a silly thing
Track Name: holy
drunk soul in the crust of my house
hold me under the water

spoil in the hush and hum
holy us

(eli, alive)
Track Name: do well
you can do more than one thing in a day
you may sleep but it doesn't have to end
hands leave scars when you hang your face in them
i will do well